Namaste i'm Jessleena. I'm from India but with nomadic tendencies, currently in love with Africa. This is my "me" blog. I think the pictures a person reblogs can tell you everything you need to know about them. These are some things I find interesting, things that inspire me, posts from my other blog (see the link below and go look!), and other thoughts and fun stuff.

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“If I get to love you, please enter without knocking,

but think it over well:

my straw matress will be yours, the dusty straw,

the rustling sighs.”

- From The Marriage of Sticks, Jonathan Carroll

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A red squirrel runs along a snow-covered stone wall in Northumberland | image by Owen Humphreys

When Adam “MCA” Yauch died, my ex-best friend took it as an opportunity to let the world (and me) know she “never liked the Beastie Boys anyway”. I’m listening to them now and thinking what the ponytail, hey fuck you, you look a little chilly can I get you a shawl?


textless high desert solitaire

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house_20051105_m468_072 (by Steven House Photography)

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